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How to Create Inbox, Manage Email Connections, and Inbox Permissions?

Published | Feb. 7, 2023, 10:22 a.m.

In Gridlex Zip, users have the flexibility to create multiple inboxes allowing you to categorize and separate support requests based on different criteria such as departments, or customer segments. This makes it easier to manage and prioritize support requests. In addition, managing multiple inboxes from one centralized location can help you streamline your customer support processes, increase your team's efficiency, and provide valuable insights into your customer support performance. By consolidating all your email accounts into one platform, you can respond to customer inquiries more quickly and effectively, without having to constantly switch between different email accounts. We will walk you through the steps to set up multiple inboxes and how to switch between them seamlessly. We will also show you how to organize your emails, and how to use labels and filters to keep your inbox clean and organized. 



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